Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is for toby...

I know that our relationship wasn't that great when you left we had both got lazy in it...but..

I promise when you get back i'll never take you for granted
I promise i'll never let you feel unloved or unappricated
I promise we wont go to bed angry at each other
I promise i'll start putting you before myself
I promise i'll start doing some of the things you like to do
I promise I'll lay in your lap while you watch football and basketball and I wont complain
I promise to try to be better about money and not make you feel bad when I can't get something I want
I promise to listen to your poker stories even if they do bore me
I promise to start letting you do more things you wanna do by poker ( only not right away baby i'm going to be pretty selfish with you)
I promise to try to be a better house wife for you...keeping the house cleaner and make dinner and meals for you and the boys
I promise to try to stop taking all the covers from you at nite ( i know you hate that)
I promise to tell you if something is wrong and not expect you to be psychic.
I promise to always kiss you before I walk away no matter what for.
I'm proud of you and who you are. You mean so much to me. I can think of a hundred more promises I want to make to you. I love you very much..I promise

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